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Unique T-Shirt Print.
1 lb Top-Shelf Coffee.
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Long-Sleeved Aug-Jan.
Extra 1/2 lb Coffee.
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What is it?
The Friendly Society t-shirt & coffee club is an affordable monthly subscription offering a unique limited edition t-shirt print & excellent craft coffee delivered right to your door every month.
What does the upgrade include?
Upgraded members receive a crewneck or hoodie version of the limited edition print instead of t-shirt from the months of August-February. Upgrade also includes an extra 1/2 lb of coffee and free shipping on all orders.
What's in it?
Small Batch
For the higest quality & robust flavor the devil is in the detail.
High Grade
We get top graded harvests of the best cultivars with minimal defects.
Organic Farms
We buy from trusted roasters who source organic & sustainable methods.
Roasted Fresh
Always fresh without sulfates or chemicals to extend the shelf life.