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Roasters Tee & Coffee Club
Standard Member
Unique t-shirt print every month.
1/2 lb top shelf coffee.
2oz top shelf tea leaf.
Upgraded Member
Crewneck/Hoodie August-February.
Double the coffee.
Double the tea.
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What is it?
The Friendly Society t-shirt & coffee club is an affordable monthly subscription offering a unique limited edition t-shirt print & excellent craft coffee delivered right to your door every month.
What does the upgrade include?
Upgraded members receive a crewneck version of the limited edition print instead of t-shirt from the months of August-February. Upgrade also doubles the amount of coffee & tea to 1 lb of coffee & 4oz of tea.
What's in it?
We test coffees & teas for harmful pesticides, fungicides & metals.
No Preservatives
Always fresh! No sulfates or residue chemicals used to extend the shelf life.
100% Organic
We buy from trusted farmers who use organic & sustainable methods.
We select the best cultivars & don't experiment with the essence of nature.